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Supporting Individuals With Developmental Disabilities

We offer caregiving solutions to individuals who are developmentally disabled, providing a variety of services as well as family resources.

The experienced and compassionate delivery of quality care for individuals with developmental disabilities, including:

• Attendant Care
• Habilitation Services
• Respite Care
• Private Home Care

Acadia Care Group - Supporting Individuals With Developmental Disabilities

Our Mission

At Acadia Care Group, we strive to be the most respected HCBS Service Provider,and the agency of choice, for our members with development disabilities and their families. Progressive in outlook and proactive in service, we do everything we can to ensure our employees are well-trained, professional, and committed to excellence, for they are the key to our success together. We continue to grow through innovation in helping people live their best lives through new services and community connections.

Our Expertise

Why Acadia Care Group?

The mission of Acadia Care Group is to be the leading Home & Community Based Service (HCBS) agency delivering home based services and support to individuals with developmental disabilities and special needs, and their families.  Our job is to not only promote greater independence and self reliance of our clients but also raise the quality of life for every individual that we help.  At Acadia Care Group we take great pride in developing and maintaining long term relationships with our providers, families and employees through continued training, unsurpassed communication and years of successful business experience.

Our Services

Respite Care Services (RSP)

Respite Care Services include the supervision or care of individuals residing at home in order to provide an break or relief to the individual and / or primary care givers.  This might include activities to meet social, emotional or physical needs of the individual during respite.

Habilitation Care Services (HAH)

Habilitation Care Services include learning opportunities which are designed to help individuals develop independent living skills, functional independence, and social skills.  It’s also intended to provide training in essential activities which are required to meet the member’s personal and physical needs, communication skills, self help skills and help develop the member’s support system.

Attendant Care Services (ATC)

Attendant Care services involve the provision of support activities to assist an individual in the areas of individual care, activities of daily living, and maintaining a safe and sanitary living environment.  This allows a member to remain in their home, while participating in community activities while maintaining personal hygiene, activities of daily living, and safe and sanitary living conditions.

Private Pay Services (PVT)

Private Pay Services involve providing support activities to assist an individual in carrying out daily living tasks and other activities essential for living in a community.  Private Pay Services offers you, or your family member, additional flexibility when looking for Care Services.  We work with you, your family or advocate to come up with a care plan which specifically meets the member’s need.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible for Acadia Care Group Home and Community Based Services?

Any individual receiving services through Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) is eligible for HCBS services. Contact your Support Coordinator to see if you qualify.

Can my Provider watch my other children in the home?

No, they can’t.  Acadia Care Group is contracted by DDD to provide services to the client with ALTCS (Arizona Long Term Care Services) benefits.

What if my Provider doesn’t show up?

Contact the Acadia Care Group office immediately via phone call, text or email.  We’ll do everything we can to find you a new Provider.

Where are the HCBS services provided?

Home and Community Based Services are provided in the family’s home, in the community or a combination of both. 

Do I get to meet my prospective provider?

Yes. All families are encouraged to meet their potential new Provider and interview them to see if it’s a good match regarding personality, training level and schedule availability.

My family member has been doing the services for free. Can they be paid to do it?

Yes. Acadia Care Group will hire, train and certify your family member. They must meet Acadia Care Group qualifications and attend the required trainings.

All Acadia Care Group, Providers are required to use the EVV check-in and out buttons when starting and ending services in vTrack.

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If you need assistance, please call 833-887-2251 (833-VTRACK1) or email

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