Cerebral Palsy

Acadia Care Group Providers, performing Attendant Care for our members, are required to complete six (6) hours of yearly Continuing Education Units (CEU).  Below you will find links to videos you can watch in order to complete your CEU’s.

Upon completion of watching a video, please complete the submission form at the bottom of this page in order to receive your CEU credit(s).  The submission will go directly to the Management Staff at Acadia Care Group who will track your CEU’s.

You must complete a submission form for each video in order to receive credits.

Mackenzie’s Voice: Living with Cerebral Palsy

Mackenzie is a young woman bursting with enthusiasm and ready to take on the world, shows us her way around communication barriers. She’s found her own voice in a way that may surprise you and wants to be heard

The Daverts: Brittle Bones & Cerebral Palsy

Just like any other 15-year-old girl, Michaela Davert loves makeup, shopping and social media. Michaela, her twin brother Austin, and Mum Missy all live with a condition called ‘Brittle Bones,’ which makes them small and physically fragile and Dad has Cerebral Palsy.They invited us into their home to get to know them and the challenges they face.

Learning to Walk at Age 18 (Life with Cerebral Palsy)