What is Habilitation Care ?

This service is provided in the home by Habilitation Providers that work one-to-one with the individual, doing activities to teach a variety of important skills and improve behavior.  Goals are typically in the areas of communication, socialization, gross and fine motor, cognitive and adaptive behavior.  Parents play a lead role in habilitation services by helping to develop goals, select staff, coordinate services and participate in the home program.  Habilitation Providers are qualified and trained with varying levels of training and experience.

Habilitation Care typically provides a variety of interventions intended to maximize the functioning of individuals with disabilities.  Habilitation Care may include therapies, special developmental skills, behavior intervention and sensor motor development.  Habilitation Care is designed to assist individuals in acquiring, retaining and improving self-help socialization and adaptive skills necessary to reside successfully in home and community based services.  This might include activities to help the person learn to brush their teeth, to become independent in using the bathroom, to cook a meal or balance a check book.  All habilitation providers must meet all Acadia Care Group and State of Arizona requirements and qualifications before services can begin.

Who Receives Habilitation Care ?

Individuals of all ages can typically receive habilitation.  Each individual requirement is unique, and service amounts can range from about 5 to 25 hours per week.