Craig A. Stewart


Craig’s years of experience, knowledge and history of individuals with special needs is something that the founder, Craig A. Stewart, brings to Acadia Care Group.  As a father of a special needs son, Craig has almost twenty (20) years personal and hands on experience raising a son with special needs.  Since Cole was a toddler, Craig’s son has been receiving services from The State of Arizona Department of Developmental Disabilities.

Craig has always been extremely passionate about what he does and, because of his early learning of navigating the DDD system, has a great understanding of how to navigate the complex DDD system.  He is a father of a special needs son and a professional within the DDD community.  Craig is married to the love of his life, Liora, who also shares in the responsibilities of Acadia Care Group while maintaining the role of professional, full time mom and support system.

Liora Stewart


Acadia Care Group LLC recruits our Home & Community Based Services (HCBS) Providers through various methods including local advertising methods, recruiting, family and friend word of mouth and referrals from providers, business acquaintances and families.  This method, as shown successfully in the past, is performed in order to provide services and support in such a manner that our success surpasses the hopes and expectations of our members, their families and our providers.

Brooke Mayhew

Brooke has been living in Arizona for thirty five (35) years and is originally from Idaho.  She has twin 14 year old boys and she has vast amounts of experience working with individuals with disabilities as one of her boys is on the spectrum. Brooke began her career as a Direct Support Professional and It was there that she found her passion for working with individuals who have special needs.  Brooke loves to do outdoor activities such as cruising in her truck, going to the lake, and camping. She’s also on the fundraising committee for her kids’ boy scout troop.

Celia Vickman


A cognitive attribute that involves an understanding of the inner experiences and perspectives of the person served, combined with a capability to communicate this understanding.


A sustained emotional investment in an individual’s well-being, characterized by a desire to take actions that will benefit that person.


A virtue consisting of soundness of and adherence to moral principles and character and standing up in their defense when they are threatened or under attack. This involves consistent, habitual honesty and a coherent integration of reasonably stable, justifiable moral values, with consistent judgment and action over time.


A virtue consisting of being dependable in performing job-related tasks, finishing assigned projects, and meeting deadlines and appointments.