Electronic Visit Visitation (EVV) Information

​AHCCCS is using EVV (Electronic Visit Varication) to help ensure, track and monitor timely service delivery and access to care for AHCCCS / DES / DDD members.

This means AHCCCS wants to use EVV to make sure members get the service that they need when they need them.  This verification will be required by every member or representative at the end of every visit or shift via smart phone, tablet or PC.  Paper timesheets and reports will be eliminated.  We have partnered with vTrack to get this new requirement started using their system approved by AHCCCS.

Acadia Care Group recognizes the importance of sharing timely information about the EVV initiative, and our goal is to post material and communicate developments on an ongoing basis with our families and providers.  Below you will find information on training, logging in and tutorials.

Please feel free to contact us, we are here to HELP you in this transition!

Read more about the federal mandate: 


For Acadia Care Group Providers and Parent Providers:

Accessing vTrack – Provider Packet Initial Login Password Reset

Below you will find instructions on how to log in and access your vTrack site as well as tutorial videos on how to use the site.

Jill and Elva (contact info below) can help you with any questions you have with using the electronic system.  

Logging into vTrack as a Provider / Parent Provider

  • The login username will be your first+last name together without spaces.

Username Example: JaneDoe / JackDoe
The default password is: vtrackrocks!

After the initial login, you will be required to reset your password !!!

Once you have reset your password, access will then be granted to the site.

Don’t forget to save your new password!

Acadia Care Group Parents & Guardians


Parents and Guardians:
Your parent / guardian access for Acadia Care Group’s parent portal has been created.

You can now log into site to sign timesheets for your child’s provider.

Attached you will find step by step instructions on how to log in, update your password to one of your choice and sign your child’s provider’s timesheets.

The website and your login credentials are as follows

 Login information: 

If you have any questions or need assistance logging in or signing the provider’s timesheets please contact our support team by using one of the following methods.

Email for the fastest response –

Call or email our training support team

Jill Ekstrom

Phone: 480-352-5316


Elva Covarrubias

Phone: 480-374-0554


(English & Spanish)

Tutorial En Espanol





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